Thursday, November 6, 2014

Apps That I Love: Evernote and Pandora

It's no secret, the internet is polluted with websites (including this one) and apps. It seems there is an app for just about everything. Although I haven't looked for one and I don't have a need for one, I'm sure that there is an app for telling you when to use the toilet. And believe me, I have tried my fair share of useless apps. Yes, I was one of those guys that thought that the Coin Toss app was a perfectly sensible idea, I mean because taking your smartphone out of your pocket is way easier than digging out a quarter or rock/paper/scissors.

Every once in a while though, you come across something that is really useful, something that improves your life; something that you didn't think would be useful until you tried it. Two of those apps for me are Evernote and Pandora. They are apps that I use almost every day, and (especially Evernote) I'm not sure how to get through the day without them. 

In fact, I find these two services so useful that I *gasp* pay for them. I do this for several reasons; the first of which is that I want to support the teams that brought me these incredibly useful tools. I am a firm believer in that you should pay for what you use. I know, I know, we all pay one way or the other, nothing is actually "free" (and if you think that then you should turn off your computer, go out into the woods and start living a foraging lifestyle). With my subscription to services that I actually use I am giving the companies that I am supporting a guaranteed source of income; I am paying for what I use, and I use these apps all the time.

The second reason, that I pay for the premium subscription is that I get enhanced functionality from them. With Evernote I get Optical Character Recognition (OCR) so the app can actually read and search my handwriting and print only documents. I get more upload and storage capacity as well. With Pandora One (the name of Pandora's subscription service) I get more "skips" for songs I am not in the mood for and NO COMMERCIALS. This was the first reason that I subscribed (that and the cheap price of subscription). I could only take so many ads asking me to sign up for Pandora One. So I guess that I was sort of bullied into that one, but I won't go back to the free version anytime soon. 

There are hundreds upon thousands of apps out there. Which ones do you support? And why?

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