Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Today I Decided To Try A Couple Of New/Old Things

People that know me well know that I love to do things in what I perceive to be the most efficient manner. Many times this tendency has taken me to the technological route. For instance, I would much rather send a note via text message, email or social media rather than sending a letter or picking up the phone. To me it just doesn't make sense, when I only have one question to be asked, to get the answer via a phone call. It is much more simple and saves time to send a text message. Yes technology cuts out some of the personal interaction, but it also saves time and money, both of which are very valuable.

With that being said, New Thing #1 is reading an actual dead tree book. I can't remember the last book that I actually picked up and read. That is not to say that I am voracious reader, but the last 30 or so books that I've read have been either in audiobook format (while driving) or in e-book format on a Nook or iPad. Tonight I went to the library, dusted off my library card (which I haven't used since I was married six years ago) and checked out a book from the library. This I will say about the library: It is a lot harder to get the title that you want there. This rings especially true because I live in such a small town. I picked out three books that I thought I might be interested in and they didn't have any of them. So I settled for Think Like A Freak by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. So far tonight I am about 15 pages in, and the biggest adjustment is not having the number of pages left in the chapter at the bottom of the screen/page.

New Thing #2 hasn't actually started yet, but I am actually going to take notes on a dead tree notebook. For probably the past six or seven years I have been using a service called Evernote to take notes. I love it, especially lately that I am able to use it more often. I can search my notes without having to flip through pages, a lot of my real work is done on a computer so I can clip notes from the internet right into it and it saves virtually every bit of information that I really need it to. But I thought that I would try a Moleskin notebook to take notes in. Now I am no where near ready to give up my beloved Evernote. In fact I purchased the notebook from Evernote. With this notebook I can take pen and paper notes and "scan" them into Evernote with my iPhone. There are even smart stickers that I can place on the notes in order to tag a note or recall it more quickly. I had to purchase the notebook from Evernote's website today, so as soon as it arrives I will give it a test drive.

That is my "progress" for the day. What other new/old ideas should I consider trying again for the first time?

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